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T-Shirt Tuesday!

August 15, 2023
The SavvyGrapevine and our creative team are bringing a new feature to the site and we think you are gonna love it.  We are going to be hyper original and call it “T-Shirt Tuesday”.  I’ll give you three guesses what it’s all about.  Give up?  Ok, I will keep you in suspense no longer.  On Tuesday’s throughout the year, we will post about a new, o…

A story about a toaster named Art

August 2, 2023
My family and I have been using the same toaster for over 25 years.  This toaster has been such an integral part of our daily lives that I felt compelled to write about it.   To tell this story, we have to roll the calendar back almost 27 years.  My toaster’s name is Art.  Art, short for Cuisinart, is an American toaster who was born in China and given a French…