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Sales is hard on a good day, why are some sales people making it worse for the rest of us?

August 2, 2023
For starters, I am not talking about car sales, furniture sales, door to door sales and things like that.  I am referring to corporate B2B sales where you have to “dial for dollars” on the regular.  Wow, I just really dated myself didn’t I?    What is “dialing for dollars” anyway?  Direct dialing and voicemail are pretty much useless as an effective prospecting…

LinkedIn: To connect, or not to connect, that is the question

August 2, 2023
Maybe I am being a bit dramatic with my Hamlet reference in the title.  Whether you connect with someone on LinkedIn or not, we all know that it’s not like pondering the pros and cons of life versus death.  However, I do believe the decision should not be taken lightly.  I have been using LinkedIn as a business tool for many years now and I have established some ground rules tha…