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I miss the days when I would bump into friends and colleagues in the break room at work.  Or, going out to lunch with a group of co-workers to blow off steam and talk about what’s going on at the office or in our lives.

We could trade parenting war stories or talk about some new family drama. Those subjects were fair game. 

Sometimes it was  less casual, like talking to a sales rep in another department and learning how he or she is finding success in a difficult market or getting stock tips from the accountant down the hall, these are examples of the type of banter that I now miss. 

Since many of us work remotely it’s harder to just happen into a random conversation.  I created The Savvy Grapevine in an attempt to foster a digital place for us to try and recreate some of that random awesomeness. 

The Savvy Grapevine is going to have a different purpose for different people.  It’s meant to be fun, useful and thought provoking. 

I am gathering a group of writers to produce content for a variety people.  The subjects will vary as much as the people who come to read them.  We are going to strive to find something for everyone or at least something for most people.. but we have lofty goals and are setting the bar high. 

We hope that we can produce enough meaningful content that you feel compelled to bookmark this site and come back often.  We want you to comment and share your thoughts and Ideas.  We even want you to suggest topics you want to hear more about. 

Topics you might find when you come here: 

  • Business related stories, coaching, techniques, thoughts and ideas 
  • Parenting  
  • Family life 
  • Relationships 
  • Life in general  
  • Humor in various forms 
  • Opinions 
  • Book and Movie reviews 
  • … and more 

We will be sure to clarify what we know as fact verses what is our opinion and experience.  None of our writers are infallible but many of us have professional and life experiences that you might find valuable.  So, if you come and check us out and spend some time here, please enjoy yourself.  If you like what you see, feel free to share our site with others