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Product Marketing, Product Management and Sales: The Power Triad

January 10, 2024

Product Marketing, Product Management, and Sales: The Power Triad  

We often associate the roles of product marketing and product management together. When the right product marketer and product manager find each other, they can be an unstoppable force that sends products rocketing through the marketplace. In my time working as a product marketer, I have worked with some incredible product managers. But before I get too far ahead, let’s talk about the roles of product marketing and product managers.  

Product Manager 

Your product manager is responsible for defining and creating a product. They own the product roadmap. They take care of the overall vision and strategy. They know the ins and outs of a product, are responsible for the features, know the customers, the market, where it’s headed, and where the product needs to go to keep pace with a changing market. They are responsible for pricing and understanding how it affects a customer. They need to understand competitors and what they are doing. A good product manager must keep an eye on a lot of balls to find that exact sweet spot for their product to make it a success.  

Product Marketing 

Product marketing is responsible for messaging and branding. They help position the product in the marketplace. They tell the product’s story, giving it and the customer a voice and bring the product’s value to life. Product marketing helps with competitive analysis and market research. They are a collaborative partner for product managers.  

Collaboration is Key for Product Management and Product Marketing 

The best experience I have had as a product marketer was when I was embedded in a product team. I had a strong product manager (which is key to the success of any product). He had learned to trust marketing at that point (which is a story for another blog). We were truly a collaborative partnership and worked together for the product’s success. He was a strong leader for the entire team (technically as well). He was clear on the features of the products and how they would help customers, and we were able to craft a concise and compelling story to go along with it.  However, we also had a secret weapon that often goes under-utilized. 

Your Salesperson is a Powerful Ally   

The person closest to your customers who can help you get a lot of information on what they are doing with the product, how your messaging is being received, and what your competitors are doing is your salesperson! Meet with them often, pick their brains, get their feedback, and ask them to sit in on meetings/sales calls so you can see firsthand how your messaging is being shared, how demos are going, and what questions are being asked. The closer you and your product manager can be to your salesperson/sales team, the better! It’s a great way for you and your product manager to establish relationships internally and externally to help build a stronger product.  

The product marketer/product manager relationship is a key one for the success of any product. Having that collaboration to ensure a strong message and brand is essential. But layering in the salesperson gives you an added advantage of getting real-time feedback while sitting in on meetings and hearing from customers what they like (or what they are struggling with) that can help take your product to the next level.  

Author: Amanda Brewer


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