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The Importance of Storytelling for Emerging Technologies

October 7, 2023

I have spent all my marketing career working in software. As an aerospace engineer turned marketer, I have worked for a commercial-off-the-shelf aerospace software company, an industry-leading infrastructure design company, and now an uncrewed traffic management solution provider.  These companies have introduced solutions into technology spaces that were starting to emerge. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the marketing teams during the launch of these products and know just how important storytelling is when launching a product into an emerging technology space.

Storytelling – Connecting with a New Audience

As marketers, we all know we need to tell stories to get people engaged with our products to help keep our message clear and memorable. But how do you evoke a story with a product just coming to market in an emerging space? How do you make that connection to the audience and make them understand how important this new technology is and how important your product is to this new space? Finding the right pain point to connect to your audience can be incredibly tricky, and there is never a “one-size-fits-all.”  Explaining uncrewed traffic management solutions can sometimes seem daunting. However, we help manage low-level airspace traffic for uncrewed vehicles. For instance, if a medical delivery drone is in the air in route with a liver that is needed quickly for a transplant, while there are also cargo delivery drones that may be nearby out for package delivery, we help track those flights. We ensure they stay on track and help prioritize them if there should be any conflicts on the routes. We monitor them if something should go wrong and help with re-routing or finding alternative landing sites.  We visualize and analyze the airspace with additional data, including building, terrain, population, and weather. In short, we help ensure that the airspace is used safely and efficiently.

Connecting with Stories Important to the Audience

Being at the “tip of the sword” for an emerging technology in terms of marketing is exciting, but it takes a lot of work to make sure that your message gets out clearly and effectively. For us, it’s not just the uncrewed traffic management solution industry that is emerging. The delivery drone and urban air mobility markets are emerging as well. It will need a lot of well-crafted storytelling to help the industry understand what is happening and help the public understand and accept what is going on. That goes for all emerging technologies. Stories that connect them and their lives and make their lives better will go a long way to help them accept and adopt emerging technologies faster.

Author: Amanda Brewer


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